Top Ten Stress Management Tips

  1. Relax. Relaxation techniques include breathing techniques, tensing and relaxing muscles, meditation, and visualization.
  2. Recognize what you are feeling and wanting. Recognize triggers and old patterns.
  3. Resolve problems. List options that are in your control. Take one step at a time. Allow imperfection and a growth process.
  4. Rethink. Identify the thoughts behind your emotion to distinguish between truth and exaggerated thinking, facts versus fears.
  5. Release your emotion. Allow the emotion through talking, writing, creative endeavors, and physical exercise.
  6. Refocus. Refocus especially when dwelling on a problem does not help. Refocus on one thing at a time, on good and simple things that are often overlooked, on humor, and on giving to others.
  7. Relationship. The necessity of relationships includes God, a Higher Power, family, friends, attending small groups or even pets.
  8. Routine gives a sense of accomplishment, stability, and a new normal using realistic expectations.
  9. Recreate. Enjoy things. Take breaks, and real or imagined vacations.
  10. Refuel. Routine recharging is needed through sleep, diet, and exercise.

Anger Management

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