Blair Counseling and Mediation works to provide tools that can be used to save relationships.


Kids are deeply affected by adult or child depression, anxiety, behavior problems, conflict, and divorce.


Even if a marriage ends, family does not. It is time to strengthen parenting, co-parenting and spiritual relationships.

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We like, value and care for our clients. We want to communicate understanding and compassion. We need to work on your goals, not ours. Most importantly, we must get feedback regarding the client’s experience of the alliance and progress.

According to the most thorough reviews of the empirical literature, the most reliable predictor of successful counseling is not technique or the counselor; it is the quality of alliance between client and counselor. Better alliances result in better outcomes when working with individuals, couples and families, children and adolescents, and mandated/involuntary clients.

Researchers in the healthcare field have also established connections between humor and physical and mental health. Humor changes brain chemistry. It increases antibodies and blood flow and decreases stress hormones and inflammation. Humor is also about creating an optimal climate for maximizing the benefit of treatment. Healthy humor is based on respect and boosts memory and creativity. It helps release fears, anger and stress and helps us to accept mistakes and situations out of our control.


Blair Counseling and Mediation works to provide tools to all ages that can be used to save marriages, relationships, manage depression or anxiety, and help children with behavioral concerns. We are certified to complete anger evaluations and anger management sessions for court. We provide a respectful and understanding approach to addiction. Our expert mediators aim to bring peace to marriages, families, divorces, and any other dispute.  In addition to marriage and family mediation, we can provide divorce mediation, co-parenting counseling, reunification therapy and supervised visitations.

Christian, Spanish, American Sign Language and premarital services are also available. We also offer clinical supervision and underscore the importance of maintaining professional boundaries. Blair Counseling uses evidence-based practices like solution-focused, cognitive-behavioral, Emotionally Focused Therapy and Internal Family Systems Therapy to achieve a desirable outcome.

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“I wish I was closer to him.”

“I wish I knew what she was thinking.”

“He should know what I feel. It doesn’t do any good if I have to ask for it.”

Researchers found marriages and family relationships are strengthened through empathic accuracy, or the ability to “read the minds” of their partners. Staying connected through attunement prevents the deterioration of a relationship when stressed.

Unfortunately, life gets in the way with its stressors, negative communication patterns, and lack of time and energy.

Mood Rings is an app that is designed to be a tool to stay connected in a paired relationship. With a little time and energy, each partner can “read their partner’s mind” during the day. It encourages the key element of communication: the ability to clarify your partner’s thoughts and feelings about a given topic. The app discourages immediate response, as our brain processes information better over time. Later in the day, it provides the understanding needed for effective conflict resolution.


Not sure if you need help? Try one of our personal screenings:

Not sure if you need help? Try one of our personal screenings:

    Most Insurance and Employee Assistance Programs Accepted at Blair Counseling

    Most Insurance and Employee Assistance Programs Accepted at Blair Counseling

    We have in-network clinicians available for most insurance and employee assistance programs. Blair Counseling and Mediation will bill your insurance company or employee assistance program as a courtesy, if you wish.