Minute Mood Co-Journaling

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Create a journal with a partner

“I wish we were closer.”

“He should know what I want. It doesn’t do any good if I have to ask for it.”

While the benefits of journaling are well-known, Minute Mood is designed to be a tool to stay connected. With a little time and energy, you can “read your partner’s mind.” Close relationships are familiar with each other’s world.

Start by selecting an emoji for your mood in your personal journal. Your partner can see it in your statistics. Then, in the “About Me” section clarify what you are feeling about your day or the relationship. Talk about what you feel, not about your partner’s emotions or behavior.

Then, in the “About You” section, be curious and clarify what you think your partner feels about their day or the relationship. Make sure you write from your partner’s perspective and not yours. Consider their joys, frustrations, worries and sadness.

This is not a place to criticize your partner or defend yourself. When you read what your partner has said do not respond right away. Talk about it at a later time.

History and Statistics

Researchers found relationships are strengthened through cognitive empathy, or perspective-taking — how accurately one partner understands the other partner’s emotions, and their own. Track mood and relational patterns to gain insight into attachment needs.

Build your relationship

Relationships are fed by daily routines:

Talk and eye contact.
Touch and affection.
Time having fun.
Tokens that say I’m thinking of you.
Tasks that say I love you.

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