Communication Cheat Sheet

One of the most useful tools for communication is the adage “agree to disagree.” Many do not find it okay to disagree so they resort to arguments. By contrast, if you can agree to disagree it eases empathy, invites insight, bolsters boundaries, and attains agreements for the future.

Communication is “EASY” (just kidding, that is just an acronym).

E mpathize with each person’s experience instead of focusing on right and wrong, a winner and a loser. Three forms of empathy include emotional – feeling what the other person is feeling even though the feelings do not belong to you, cognitive – making sense of what the other person feels, and behavioral – compassion, kindness, and comfort.

A sk

S pecifically for what you are wanting, and what the other person is wanting.

Y es and No responses defines your limits, and your partner’s limits.

Instead of point and counterpoint arguments, make proposals and counter-proposals so that each person can feel good about the outcome, if that is possible.

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