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Creating fun in your marriage is so important because boredom in a relationship often does not end in divorce but is a highly-cited reason for affairs. Life is short, but better to love the one you are with and invest in your present relationship than find a new one with new problems down the road. Maybe watering your own grass is better than staring at your neighbor’s lawn! Hopefully you both can meet in the middle and find something to do better that not only is fun but gives you energy or even makes a contribution to society. Perhaps you can work on a project together, or even work out together.

This interview clip comes from the radio show Let’s Stay Together Talk! hosted by a wonderful couple Rev. Rick & Brenda McCain. Their motto is “To Know God’s Glory, We Must Share Our Backstory!” Each week they provide relationship encouragement, guidance, and knowledge to their listeners. Their approach has left a lasting imprint on their first guest Tracy Howard, she is now part of “The McCain Train” weekly show as co-host. We are proud to contribute to their mission. Their show can be found at


Interview on Blending Families.


Interview on Affairs.

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