Lori Thomas has been involved in the health care community since 1992. She began her journey working as a mental health professional supporting individuals who were dealing with substance abuse problems as well as mental health issues. She continued her work at local psychiatric hospitals until 2002, when she became involved in Child Protection Care Services with the State of Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, DCFS. In 2005, as a Child Protection Specialist, she was selected for the opportunity to participate in a new program for the state of Illinois. Lori was involved in the foundational aspects of conducting clinical assessments for families in need of Clinical Services for DCFS. She continues to provide supervision to other Integrated Assessment Screeners as well as continuing to serve individuals in her community who struggle with ongoing issues of mental health and substance abuse problems. Lori firmly believes that within each individual, there is strength and resources beyond one’s awareness. Believing that one’s potential for change is only limited by their willingness to change.